I was planning to photograph the solar eclipse on sunday, however I am reading you must use a solar filter.  (My plan was to use a welding filter.)  Hand held in front of my lenes.  Now I am afraid this is not the proper protection for the camera sensor.  Has anyone tried anything other than the recomended solar filter?   I wasn't expecting to get my best shot ever, but wanted to try for something.  As of right now I have cancelled my plans.
It has been several months since my last post and since I have been out photographing.  Shame on me!  I went to the Chinese New Year parade in San Francisco on 2/11/12.  I had a great time.  It was crowded and colorful.  I wont say I got award winning shots but I had a good time trying.  To see more of the photos look on page Chinese New Year 2012.
I want to add a few new pic's to my site.  I did shoot star trails again.  They are on film and not yet developed so that will take a few weeks. 
The Eastern Sierra has so much to offer, but weather and road conditions will make this my last trip of the year.
I tried star trails once again.  This was a night of misstep after misstep.  Just when I thought I had the technique figured out I messed up everything I touched.  This is an hour shot on film.  The pink line is an airplane.  I hope I get a good one soon, it is getting cold out.  I plan on trying again in a week so will post my progress. (or lack of.)
I made a new page on my site called new work.  I added 5 images from Mono Lake.  I will move these to landscapes soon.  I hope everyone enjoys.
I said I would post a picture of my first sucessful star trails.  On this night it was a moon rise at 3 AM.  so only had the stars and some light polution from Yosemite Valley.  The shot was from Glacier Point. I used a flash light to light up the forground.  I shot three different cameras.  Two digital and one film.  The best shot was from the film camera (shown below.)
Last week I made my third unsucessful attempt to shoot star trails.  I learn a little with each failure. (One lesson is not to believe everything posted on the internet.)  I hope to go out in about 10 nights for another try.  If not this month then another.  I will get an image I am proud to post.
Today I posted some of my pictures from SF Gay Pride.  I put them on a special page because I had so many.  I will leave this page up for awhile.  (Maybe thru the summer.)  I try to support gay rights as well as every minoritys rights to be treated equal.  I think the world will be a better place when we all stop thinking our way is the only way. 
In My Landscapes I switched out one of my Sand Dune images.  I wasn't very happy with the one I had used so maybe this is better.  Time will tell.  I have to look at one of my images for several days before I can tell if I like it or not.
I have to say my newest image is from last summer.  It was taken on Tioga Pass in Yosemite.  I understand  parts are now open to bikes but it will be weeks before it is open to cars or to 395 and Mono Lake.