Today I posted some of my pictures from SF Gay Pride.  I put them on a special page because I had so many.  I will leave this page up for awhile.  (Maybe thru the summer.)  I try to support gay rights as well as every minoritys rights to be treated equal.  I think the world will be a better place when we all stop thinking our way is the only way. 
In My Landscapes I switched out one of my Sand Dune images.  I wasn't very happy with the one I had used so maybe this is better.  Time will tell.  I have to look at one of my images for several days before I can tell if I like it or not.
I have to say my newest image is from last summer.  It was taken on Tioga Pass in Yosemite.  I understand  parts are now open to bikes but it will be weeks before it is open to cars or to 395 and Mono Lake.
This is such a slow process.  Sorting and sizing images.  Trying to not go overboard with too many similar images.  I know I get bored looking at 20 pictures of the same thing.  ( I looked at a site the other day that had 50 pictrues of the same type of flower.)  I am slowly picking 3 or 4 of my favorites of the same place and time.   Write me,  if you feel my work is repetitious.   I just added these two images.
This is my newest from same trip as below.
Here are a few more recent images.  (By recent I mean less than 1 year.)  It almost never stopped rainning the few days I was in Yosemite.  So when It did, I was lucky to be in the right spot.  (Maybe Yosemite doesn't have a bad spot..)
Last night The Photocollective (A group of photographers, that includes myself.) Had a sort of annual pizza party meeting.  DON'T JUDGE THE TALENT OF THE GROUP BY THE PHOTOS YOU SEE HERE.   We had a good time and good pizza.