On my Birthday( May 20.) I went out to photograph with a friend.  The light was harsh and the day showed no promise of any good images.  BUT  Because my "Nature up Close" series involves me finding objects while out walking and working with them at home, I put the day to good use.   Here are some of the items I pick up.  I could use some help with the names of these leaves and grasses.  CAN ANYONE NAME THE TWO TYPES OF GRASS OR THE LEAVES???
I had a wonderful birthday!!  It also gave me something to work on this past week.  Everything has a beauty when we exam it closeup.
Took some pic's at the Ventana Annex Gallery this week.  As you can see it has many rooms and two floors.  My pic's are upstairs in a few of the rooms.  I plan on having my work at the Ventana through the end of the year.  At that time I will see how this year has gone and make a decision about staying.  I hope for a long and profitable run.
I joined the ranks yesterday and started a facebook page.  I admit I don't really know how to use it or what I am doing, but it is time I learned.   I have found people I seldom to never see anymore so it is nice to see some of hte things they are doing.  I am still seeking comments on my web site.   I find the suggestions helpful even if you don't see your suggestion fixed right away.
Today I added four more images to my site and added a new page.  I found I have a few images that didn't fit anywhere. 
I am planning to do an image of the week.  This will force me to take at least one photograph each week.  They may not all be award winners (you never know.)  I just want to have fun with it.  I will start a new page and put them on my blog too. 
I am still going through files for some of my favorite images.  I have lots  to do.  I want to keep  you comming back looking  for new and improved images and features.