I am spending a little time today looking at and adding images.  Some are old and some are new.  I hope everyone likes them all .  I plan to do a little photographing this coming week-end, so keep checking back.  I also will be looking for new things to add to my "Nature Up Close" scans.  It is either that or yard work. UGH.
In the past two days I have made changes & added new images.  I am having so much fun working on this site.  I still have a lot more images to post, but first have a large pile of CD's to sort through.  Remember I have been photographing for 20 years.  Don't worry very few of the first 5 years will ever be posted.  Looking back on my first efforts it's a wonder I had the courage to continue.
This is my first ever web page and first blog.  Please excuse the errors.  I will be posting more images and information in the next few days so please come back for another visit soon.